Green tea cover of skin wrinkles


This is quite simple in composition and in the making of the cover tones and nourishes the facial skin fading.

A cover

1 tablespoon spoonful of buckwheat flour.

1 egg.

1 tsp. Green or a herb (chamomile, mint, and sage...) milk.

Making and use covers

Brew a cup of hot green watter (some 80 ° C) h2o, let stand for 3 minutes. If you are using herbal milk bags, so a tea leaves, follow the instructions on a package.

Spread a mealy until thick fluid tea. Let the mix cool to pleasant for the skin temperature, so add to a chicken egg.

Apply a mask to clean, dry facial skin of a face, neck and decollete.

Hold for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with warm h2o, rinse your skin with cool.

Course masks

15-20 masks daily.

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Mint Cover for Any Face


A mask has a cleansing, toning, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action.

Preparation masks and skin care

Pour two tablespoons of very dry mint stewing aqua and leave for 20-Thirty minutes, then strain.

Mix grass pulp with 1 teaspoon of oatmeal or oat flakes and chopped 2 tablespoons spoons of blue clay.

Dilute the mix peppermint juice to a consistency of thick cream.

The apply of covers

Apply a mask thick (5-7 mm) layer on a clean out damp skin and keep for 15-20 min.

Then rinse with soft water and wipe the face with a remnants of mint infusion.

In a making and application of covers with all types of cosmetic clay, follow these recommendations:

Do not apply in the making of such covers metal subjects;

Bottled water or filtered are fit much good than tap h2o;

Later applying a cover, pick up a horizontal position how that its weight is not "pulled" face down.

The second council is particularly relevant if you are using a clay cover regularly.

Course of facial skin covers

1-2 minutes a 7 days for a 30 days.

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Melon and Natural milk pilling


It is proposed to blend a raspberries and peaches with cream and natural honey. This here is a very simple and tasty cover that fine mash and rejuvenate a facial skin, hands and neck area. For delicate facial skin of the neck, it will still be too aggressive.

A mask for a face

3 ripe orange.

1 peach.

1 teaspoonful of fluid (if a face is normal or dry, It is possible to use yoghurt without dyes and additives).

1h. Spoon of natural honey.

Making and apply covers

Grate a peeled peaches and grapes on a little grater.

To melon gruel add the cream and natural honey.

Everything closely.

Put a finished cover massotherapy movements to clean skin and massage for 2-3 min.

Leave a mask on a skin for 5-7 min, then massotherapy a some more face and rinse with soft aqua.

Rinse the face with cool.

Course covers

For dry skin, one every 1-2 weeks, for any and normal 1-2 minutes a week.

Keep in mind earlier going out to enjoy a big level means of UV protection, how any peeling do a facial skin vulnerable to sunlight. Otherwise there is a risk of increased facial skin pigmentation and untimely aging.

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Ripe banana Mask for Young Skin


More simple express cover, nourishing the skin, tightens pores and eliminates shine. Also has a bleaching effect.

Mix up a paste of half a ripe banana and half a teaspoon of sweet grapefruit juice.

Apply the mask to clean damp facial skin for 15-20 min, so rinse with cool water and rinse with cold water.

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Pineapple and saccharose to narrow pores


2 soup spoon chopped pineapple flesh into mush,

1 teaspoonful of great white or brown sugar

1 teaspoon of olive oil or grape seed butter.

All combine, apply lightness circular massaging lightly steamed to polish facial skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes, a some massage, and continuing to massage, rinse.

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