Natural honey with esters of wrinkles


1 teaspoonful of honey

2 tbsp. Of almond oil,

1-2 drops of lavender essence butter,

1-2 drops of essence oil of rose,

Buckwheat flour.

Rub the natural honey with almond butter and buckwheat mealy thickeners cover, add esters. Keep a cover until it begins to dry, then rinse with cool water and apply a skin moisturizer.

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Mask of wrinkles with ripe avocado and sprouts


1 teaspoon of ripe avocado mix with the like capacity of shredded sprouts.

Use the cover ready to clean out face, neck and decollete. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with heartwarming water.

If a cover is because any ripe avocado stubborn, pat the skin tissue and massotherapy the facial skin on a massage lines. Remnants of the cover to absorb and replace a cream.

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Mask of wrinkles with yogurt and sprouts


1 tablespoon spoon milk yoghurt (sour cream, milk yoghurt, white milk yoghurt, cream, cheese) mixed with 1 tablespoons chopped sprouts. Allow the mask to stand for 5-10 min.

Use a mask to polish face on the face, neck, decollete. After 10-Fifteen minutes, rinse with heartwarming aqua, rinse the facial skin with cool. If indispensable, apply a moisturizer.

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Mask with peach

This version will be easier peach cover and, thus, some original previous: Combine a paste of sweet or canned peaches with 1 tablespoons of brandy.

Keep a mask for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water. If indispensable, apply a moisturizer.

This cover is more suitable for female or combination facial skin. If the skin is very dry, so there will be far too superfluous serum or the oil (olive, almond, peach...).

Course masks

After 3-4 days in a month.

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Rice-milk cover


Bruise in a coffee grinder 1 tablespoon of rice and rice mealy mix up obtained with a low-fat milk items: milk yoghurt, yoghurt, kefir. Give the rice a small swell.

Rice may substitute oats and rye bread, free of "burning" dark-brown.

Apply the mask to clean and moist face, hold 20 min, so rinse with cool h2o.

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Facial skin mask with white clay and milk


Very simple in composition dries and purifying mask for young facial skin: white clay, talc and natural milk.

The mask for the face

1 tsp. Of white clay (kaolin),

1 tsp. Of talc (child powderise may be replaced)

2-3 tablespoon spoons of soft milk.

Making and application of a face mask

Do not apply for making covers, which comprise cosmetic clay, metal utensils.

Similarly, to avoid premature sagging face, putting on face desirable to lie down, or clay with the weightiness will draw the skin down.

Combine a white clay with talc. Then, continuing to stir, gradually add to a milk.

The mask must not get more thick, but not extremely liquidity.

Apply the mask ready to clean out damp face.

Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with heartwarming h2o and rinse a face with cool.

If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers

2.1 covers a 7 days for a month.

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