2 flour and fat covers for youthful facial skin


Floury and fat for the facial skin extremely valuable: and nourishes, and tones, and skin wrinkle the time safeguard. As a person for his own good just require to keep such a big-calorie regimen.

Face cover with white fresh bread, cow butter and honey

1 teaspoonful of liquid natural honey,

1 teaspoonful olive butter

1 slice of white fresh bread or rolls,

3 tablespoons soup spoon milk

5 drops of vitamin E oil solution (affordable at pharmacies).

Preparation and treatment of a skin mask

Cut the crusts with fresh bread and soak meat in soft natural milk.

When the fresh bread swells, add porridge natural honey, olive butter and vitamin E. All properly.

Use a mask to a clean out damp face, neck skin, decollete. Pre-lubricate a facial skin may be a thin layer of moisturizer.

After 20-25 minutes, remove a cover with a cotton pad soaked in milk. So bath with warm aqua.

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Facial skin mask with red wine, green milk and natural honey


1 eggs white,

2 tablespoons spoon dry red wine

1 tablespoon spoonful of dark honey,

2 teaspoon ground to a powderise green milk without additives.

Heating the white wine gently and pour them the green milk.

In a separate bowl whisk together a protein with natural honey. If a face is dry, replace the protein yolk.

Append a paste of green tea with honey whipped protein. If this is required, thickeners cover with millet mealy, cosmetic clay or ground oats.

Apply the cover so described above. After a cover put on a facial skin moisturizer.

Course covers wrinkles

1-2 hours to pick out the for 2-3 weeks, so 1-2 times a 7 days for 1-2 weeks.

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Easy homemade cover of wrinkles


Cut 1 egg with 2 spoon spoons of milk, sour cream, cream, white milk yoghurt (a option). Apply on face for 5-10 min and rinse off with massaging, then use a beloved skin moisturizer.

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3 medium banana cover of skin wrinkles


Medium banana currently is king: and calorie feeds and rescues from depression, and adds energy, and even skin wrinkles save. A worth while to mere pennies, often even more cheap than potatoes.

A easy big banana cover of skin wrinkles

Approximately a quarter of a medium banana until creamy bruise with 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil (olive, almond, corn, peach, grape seed butter).

Put a finished mask to clean out, dry facial skin and neck. And may be used to a face around a eyes. Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes, then remove the disc or the remnants of cosmetic cotton.

Do a cover every other day for 1-2 week.

Not an easy medium banana cover of skin wrinkles

1 tsp ripe banana pulp,

1 teaspoonful of big apple sauce,

1 tsp olive oil

1 egg yolk,

Millet mealy.

Combine until smooth yolk, a butter, medium banana and big apple and thickeners mask millet flour.

The finished cover put on a clean out skin, neck skin and decollete. Hold for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming water, rinse a face with cool.

Make a cover in 3-4 times in a 30 days.

Be in a source Avon catalog and select all wish that a skin masks, creams, eye shadow, lipstick... Spring has come, it is time to change a service and makeup!

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Medium tomato and yoghurt to narrow pores


Some technique to narrow a pores and improve young skin.

The mask has to narrow

1 great ripe tomato.

1 soup spoon spoon of low-fat white yoghurt (no additives and krasiteteley).

0.5 teaspoonful of recent (not dried), brewer's yeast.

Making and use covers to narrow pores

Scald tomatoes, remove a face and bruise the pulp with a fork.

Throw in the yogurt and yeast.

Everything attentively and put a cover on for 5-10 minutes in a hot place.

Put the finished cover on clean face. Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with heartwarming water.

Course of skin covers

Every 3-4 hours for 2 weeks. So so needed.

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Indian mask to narrow pores


This mask promises not alone to narrow a pores, but also from wrinkles to save time. And although you call it Indian, part of the most that neither is Russian.

A mask has to narrow

1 teaspoon of soft milk

1 teaspoonful of honey

1 tsp. Of murphy starch,

1 teaspoonful of desk or sea salt finely.

Preparation and apply covers to narrow pores

First, as the saline is dissolved in soft milk.

So throw in the natural milk and natural honey brine and potatoes starch. Everything closely.

The mask need have quite thick, resembling the consistency of fluid.

Apply a cover to the finished areas with enlarged pores.

Keep the cover 20 minutes, so rinse with hot h2o and rinse the facial skin with cool. Wipe the skin, apply an astringent lotion and cream.

Course covers

Two hours in a 30 days or however required.

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