Restorative Cover for Dry Skin


Four toning cover for oily facial skin, easy to make and to apply.

Cheese and saline cover

Mix up 1 spoon of yoghurt with a teaspoon of medium or little desk or sea sol.

Keep a mask 20 minutes, then rinse with hot aqua and rinse with cold aqua.

Course - 2-3 masks a 7 days for 1-2 weeks.

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Tea cover of wrinkles


This is quite simple in composition and in the preparation of the mask tones and nourishes a facial skin fading.

The mask

1 tablespoons spoonful of wheat floury.

1 egg yolk.

1 tsp. Green or any herb (chamomile, mint, and sage...) tea.

Production and use covers

Brew a cup of hot green green tea (about 80 ° C) h2o, let stand for 3 minutes. If you are using herbal tea bags, so the watter leaves, follow a instructions on a package.

Spread the floury until thick cream milk. Let the mix cool to pleasant for the skin temperature, then append the fresh egg.

Apply the cover to clean out, very dry skin of the face, neck and decollete.

Hold for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with soft h2o, rinse a skin with cool.

Course covers

15-20 masks every day.

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Rejuvenating Cover with oven apple


Any beautiful in all respects mask to nourish and rejuvenate a face: and extremely tasty and beneficial for a face. While yet hot in a winter is not too much. However, and in a summer we enjoy a weather anyway, as that the cover, this is likely to demi both in composition and in use. Specifically since a rejuvenation process has serious seasonal restrictions.

The mask for a skin

1 red apple,

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon of natural honey.

A drier your skin, a sweeter to be an apple, and the female skin, the red apple want be acidic.

Preparation and treatment of a face cover

Apple and bake in a oven until it is soft enough.

Rub the natural honey and olive butter until shine and throw in to a resulting gravity of 1-2 tablespoon of heartwarming apple pulp.

All stir again.

Apply a cover ready to polish face, neck skin and decollete. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with heartwarming aqua, if indispensable, use a serum.

Course of skin covers

Mask recommend doing 3-4 hours in a month.

Do not forget to use a equipment with a big degree of UV protection, because a cover contains strawberries acids and does the face especially sensitive to sunlight.

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Skin cover of a mixture of oils


Another video, clearly showing as to combine his own facial skin cover. There is, of course, nothing amazing, and even surprising, but a video, first, import, second, the recipe is not the most cosmetically worn out, good, thirdly, a mask extremely easy to prepare and even easier to use.

A mask for the facial skin

1 soup spoon spoonful or gel of aloe vera extract (extract sold in a pharmacy)

1 tsp. Of jojoba butter,

1-2 drops of essence oil of rose.

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Facial skin cover with banana


1/3 ripe big bananas, without chocolate-brown spots

1 tablespoons tablespoon heavy cream,

2 tablespoons dark honey (the darker a complete)

1 tablespoon spoonful flour

Mineral water.

Bruise a big banana in a gentle puree. Add the ripe banana gruel cream, honey and floury and mix everything until polish. Dilute cover mineral aqua to the consistency of thick fluid.

Apply a mask ready to polish damp skin. Also mask fits Neck skin and neck (chest and shoulders). After 15-20 minutes (the mask should not very dry out), rinse with heartwarming water, rinse face pleasantly cool.

Use to skin, depending on its needs, or lightness nourishing moisturizer.

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Rye dough for female skin


Some more simple in composition sour cover for healing and cleansing female face.

Production masks

Fill a loaf of rye bread without crust 1/4 cup of yogurt and give a three-day swell.

Throw in the rye porridge 1/3 teaspoonful great sea saline and 1 teaspoonful of natural honey.

A apply of covers

Leave on for 20 min and rinse with hot h2o.

If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

Course masks

Later 3-4 days in a 30 days.

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