Mask for dry skin with white clay and grapefruit


A cover protects oily skin from aging and do not overload it.

A mask

1 tablespoons Spoonful white clay (kaolin), 1 tbsp. Spoonful of corn floury (can substitute milled oats), 10 drops of alcohol, 10 drops of lemon juice.

Production masks

To prepare the mask, do not apply metal subjects. Apply, for example, of plastic material utensils and a spoonful or spatula.

Combine all ingredients. Need be shine.

If a cover is left too dry, it can be diluted with boiled water or herbal compote. Dry skin is perfect marigold, sage, chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort.

The use of masks

Apply a thick layer of the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes without letting it very dry completely.

Rinse with heartwarming aqua and rinse with coldness h2o.

If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

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Honey-buckwheat mask of skin wrinkles


It offers a kind of kneaded dough for the facial skin. Quite original, if of course you keep not tried anything like this.

The cover

2 soup spoon tbsp. Of flour;

2 spoon spoon fluent natural honey;

1 egg yolk.

If the face is any, It is possible to replace wheat flour rye, and the yolk - protein. For dry skin will not be superfluous to append a small vegetable oil.

Preparation and use masks

Cut yolks with natural honey, then gradually throw in a flour and knead the dough.

Apply the mask to clean and moist face, neck, decollete (if you throw in a butter, a skin want be very dry).

Hold for 10-15 minutes, keeping it dry.

Rinse off with warm water, then rinse with cold water.

Course covers

After 2 times in a month.

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Chemical peels calcium chloride


This approach of purification and rejuvenation of female, combination and ordinary skin requires special attention and only under this condition gives an amazing home for a relatively simple proceedings effect.

To start peeling test is in closed areas of the aging body with fatty or just dirty facial skin, for example, on the back, chest or shoulders, and alone so move on a skin.

In the case, for highly very dry, sensitive, prone to redness and face rash it will not work. Also, do not apply this technique on damaged or inflamed face.

When combined with very dry face peeling patches must alone do however on a T-zone.

For exfoliation, you'll request a calcium chloride decision (calcium chloride) at a concentration of 5-10%. For a beginning it is complete to use a 5-percent solution or dilute ten percent saline solution or plain aqua.

Calcium chloride is usually freely available in pharmacies in ampoules or bottles. Complete decision is to buy bottled, so at a opening of vials of a risk cut his mitt, or items of glass may have into a usable decision and greatly injure the facial skin.

You will also claim a normal baby soap, It is possible to with a herbs.

Moisten a cotton swab or cosmetic disc in resolution of calcium chloride, gently squeeze and apply a decision on your skin, let very dry completely, then repeat a process 4-41 times (to start consummate than 4).

Calcium chloride should not be greatly pinching or even burn intact facial skin, if it happens - immediately rinse decision child soap and plenty of heartwarming aqua.

When the finish layer is completely very dry, soap slightly damp fingertips child soap and gently begin to roll resolution. Should be formed on a face soap flakes.

Continue to gently massage the face with time to time however necessary, re-wetting in water and lathering his hands and giving especial attention to areas with contaminated facial skin with lovely surface wrinkles. You will feel same soap pellets literally rolled upper stratum corneum of a face.

If desired, and due diligence may be a little massage and facial skin around a eyes to bowl along up a mesh of skin wrinkles on the border of a eyelids and cheeks.

Again: much badly burned in a case should not! If this happens, then you are too overzealous and it's time to stop.

When the skin begins to "creak" and soap easily bowl along off the surface, rinse lather with soft h2o.

Later peeling the skin is inflamed and dehydrated, however it's best to be prepared in progress soothing and anti-inflammatory mask, blend, for example, chamomile infusion with ripe banana and corn gruel finely.

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Making and application of a face mask


Melt a chocolate in a water bath or cocoa powderise is dissolved in a little amount of hot water or milk (cream) to form a thick slurry.

Combine a chocolate mass with olive butter and add to a raw vegetables.

Allow a mask to cool down to a pleasant temperature for a facial skin and apply it to clean, dry skin of the skin, neck and decollete.

If a raspberries supplements you select sour fruits (banana, ripe avocado), the mask can be applied to a skin and around a skin eyes, brushing her pre Eye Serum or olive butter. This mask is suitable for a skin.

After 20 minutes, rinse with cool aqua, if necessary, use a cream.

Course covers

Following 3-4 days in a month.

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Apple with honey for combination skin


2 peeled sour green apple,

1.5 st. Spoonful of honey.

Apple rub on a small grater or blender, then mix with natural honey. Leave a mask on for Fifteen minutes and rinse with cool water.

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Rejuvenating yogurt facials mask


1-2 soup spoon spoonful milk yoghurt

1 soup spoon spoon mealy

3-rd hour lodges oil resolution of vitamin E,

1 tsp. Beautiful salt.

Combine until smooth mask and put on a clean out damp face (neck skin, decollete, hands face). Leave a mask on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with soft h2o and moisturize a skin.

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