Magnesia with rice to narrow pores


1 soup spoon spoon of natural milk of magnesia (liquidity or divorced Maalox, Almagel, Gastal...)

2 teaspoonful ground rice or oatmeal newborn meal (no additives).

All mix up, put on a clean out softly steamed face for 15-25 minutes, so rinse with cool aqua and rinse with cold-blooded. Use on a light moisturizer or gel.

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Avocados from first wrinkles


1 teaspoon heavy cream (fluid, white milk yoghurt)

1 tsp. Pulp of ripe ripe avocado

1 tsp. Olive oil, almond oil or any other oil

1 soup spoon Spoonful brownness and white cane sugar.

Mix up all ingredients in a blender until smooth, apply for 20 min on a polish, slightly damp skin, so 2-3 min massotherapy your face in a circular motion to massage a lines from a center to a edges.

Rinse with warm, then cool aqua and use a skin moisturizer.

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Acid Mask for Female Skin


Sauerkraut with curds - another elite sour for young skin. Oily skin will be delighted with such exquisite dishes!

The mask

1 tablespoons spoonful sauerkraut.

1 tbsp. Spoon milk yoghurt.

1 tsp. Of olive butter or grape seed butter.

If the mask turned out too fluent thickeners its white clay, chocolate-brown fresh bread crumbs or ground oats.

Preparation and apply covers

Chop the sauerkraut in a blender or finely chop and blend with cream curds and the butter.

Apply to clean out, very dry skin of a facial skin and neck skin (if the skin is thick here.)

Hold for 20-25 min, rinse with heartwarming water, rinse with cold face.

Course covers

2-3 covers a 7 days for a 30 days.

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Home-skin wrinkle cover with papaya



2 tablespoons spoons of mashed papaya

1 soup spoon spoon of natural honey,

Oatmeal or millet mealy.

Combine with natural honey and papaya mask thickeners oat or millet mealy.

Use the mask, massage with circular movements to clean out, damp, lightly steaming your face (neck, chest, hands,...), let it sit for 10-15 minutes, again massotherapy and rinse. Use a moisturizer or skin moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Homemade mask with orange breeding juice

1 tablespoons Spoon thick white yogurt without additives

0.5 st. Tablespoon olive or almond oil

1 teaspoonful of freshly squeezed orange nectar.

Mix up all ingredients. If a mask seemed too fluid thickeners it, however in the first recipe, mealy or cosmetic clay. Keep the cover for 15-20 minutes, not letting it dry out, then rinse and moisturize the skin.

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Mask for young facial skin Sour


2 tbsp. Of sour milk diluted with two milled powdered aspirin or 0.5 a teaspoonful of grapefruit juice.

Mask for any face vegetables

Dilute any bran with good ripe tomato or cucumber nectar.

It is possible to also apply the juice of sauerkraut.

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Watermelon and Milk pilling


It is proposed to blend the orange and peaches with cream and natural honey. This here is a more simple and tasty cover that fine mash and rejuvenate the face, hand and neck skin space. For delicate skin of a neck, it will yet be too aggressive.

A cover for the facial skin

3 ripe kiwi.

1 peach.

1 teaspoon of serum (if a face is rule or oily, It is possible to use yoghurt without dyes and additives).

1h. Spoon of honey.

Preparation and use masks

Grate the peeled peaches and orange on a little grater.

To fruit porridge add a cream and natural honey.

Everything attentively.

Put the finished mask massotherapy movements to clean skin and massage for 2-3 minutes.

Leave a mask on the skin for 5-7 min, so massage a some more skin and rinse with hot water.

Rinse a facial skin with cool.

Course covers

For dry skin, one every 1-2 weeks, for oily and rule 1-2 times a 7 days.

Keep in mind before going out to enjoy a high level means of UV protection, however the peeling makes the facial skin vulnerable to sunlight. Otherwise there is a risk of increased skin pigmentation and premature aging.

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