Moisture Mask of yogurt and aloe


1 tbsp. Spoon yogurt

2 soup spoon fresh juice or aloe gel,

1 tsp. Of honey.

All mix up, if you To think of the mask is too thin, thickeners her corn or buckwheat mealy. Apply to a skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse.

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Home Masks for skin wrinkles


Combine a mint with peach and milk yoghurt with lemon, natural honey and almond the butter, ripe banana and milk. Such are a simple skin mask of skin wrinkles and facial skin are tightened, and shine out the wrinkles, and improve a complexion. With regular use, of course. 1st regularly apply one cover of skin wrinkles, then the other, rightly, of the the 3-rd, then comes a turn of a 4-th to the fifth and sixth. It was only when all else fails, we may say that this is nonsense the cover of wrinkles, but a circular lift - this thing!

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Preparation and treatment of a facial skin cover


Melt a chocolate in a water bath or cocoa powder is dissolved in a small amount of hot water or natural milk (fluid) to configuration a thick slurry.

Blend the chocolate gravity with olive oil and add the raw vegetables.

Allow the cover to cool down to a pleasant temperature for a face and apply it to clean, very dry face of the face, neck and decollete.

If the berries supplements you select sour fruits (big banana, ripe avocado), the mask may be applied to a skin and around the eyes, brushing her pre Eye Fluid or olive butter. This mask is suitable for a facial skin.

After 20 minutes, rinse with cool water, if required, use a fluid.

Course masks

After 3-4 days in a month.

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Milk cover of wrinkles


This is quite simple in composition and in the preparation of the cover tones and nourishes the facial skin fading.

The mask

1 soup spoon spoonful of wheat mealy.

1 egg.

1 teaspoonful green or a herb (chamomile, mint, and sage...) milk.

Production and use masks

Brew a cup of hot green tea (some 80 ° C) water, let stand for 3 min. If you are using herbal tea bags, then the tea leaves, follow a instructions on a package.

Spread a floury until thick serum tea. Let the mixing cool to pleasant for the skin temperature, then add to a egg.

Use the mask to clean, very dry skin of a face, neck skin and decollete.

Hold for 15-20 min, so rinse with soft aqua, rinse your skin with cool.

Course masks

15-20 masks per day.

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Home acne mask with aspirin, baking cheese and honey


3-6 tablets of aspirin (can be of a average Soviet)

1-2 teaspoon recent grapefruit juice

1-2 tsp of soda,

3.1 teaspoon of liquid honey, moisturizing fluid or gel, olive butter or grape seed butter (optional).

Crush aspirin powder in a coffee grinder or grind a other position of a soup spoon, roll out with a rolling pin or moisten with h2o and wait until it turns into mush. If you decide to do such a cover regularly, it would be perfect to pound a some packs of aspirin for future use and store them in a very dry put under a tight lid.

Mix the crushed aspirin and grapefruit nectar at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 3 tablets of aspirin. Then add a natural honey, cream, or the butter, adjusting the concentration of the mask on the own.

Put the finished cover circular massaging motion with a center to the periphery of a clean softly steaming a facial skin or areas with skin problems (chin, nose, nose, forehead...). Leave the cover on for 15-20 minutes, so massage a skin again and rinse with warm water, continuing to massage.

Dissolve the baking yolk with h2o to kashitseoobraznogo state and use to a skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool aqua, too, gently massaging.

Complete the moisturizing cream, gel and / or serum.

Do a cover at night or for 3-5 hours earlier going outside. Remember to always protect the facial skin from the sun by means of a big degree of UV protection.

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