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  • Melon and Natural milk pilling


    It is proposed to blend a raspberries and peaches with cream and natural honey. This here is a very simple and tasty cover that fine mash and rejuvenate a facial skin, hands and neck area. For delicate facial skin of the neck, it will still be too aggressive.

    A mask for a face

    3 ripe orange.

    1 peach.

    1 teaspoonful of fluid (if a face is normal or dry, It is possible to use yoghurt without dyes and additives).

    1h. Spoon of natural honey.

    Making and apply covers

    Grate a peeled peaches and grapes on a little grater.

    To melon gruel add the cream and natural honey.

    Everything closely.

    Put a finished cover massotherapy movements to clean skin and massage for 2-3 min.

    Leave a mask on a skin for 5-7 min, then massotherapy a some more face and rinse with soft aqua.

    Rinse the face with cool.

    Course covers

    For dry skin, one every 1-2 weeks, for any and normal 1-2 minutes a week.

    Keep in mind earlier going out to enjoy a big level means of UV protection, how any peeling do a facial skin vulnerable to sunlight. Otherwise there is a risk of increased facial skin pigmentation and untimely aging.

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    Cover pale flabby skin


    Mask with blue clay append vital skin color, tone and shine lovely lines.

    Combine until polish 1 tsp. Mayonnaise, natural honey, grapefruit breeding juice, castor oil, powder blue clay and cognac.

    Heating the mix in a water bath or in a microwave to a pleasant skin temperature.

    Use a heartwarming cover on a skin, neck skin and decollete, hold for 20-Thirty minutes, so rinse with heartwarming aqua. Rinse with coldness facial skin.

    If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

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    Ripe avocado with lemon for lights and power


    1 tablespoons Spoon ripe avocado,

    1 tsp. Recent lemon fresh juice

    Corn starch or corn (wheat, oat) mealy.

    Mix up the ripe avocado with grapefruit fresh juice and thicken the cover starch or floury. Apply in circular massage movements to damp and steamed clean skin, leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, a little massage and rinse with cool water.

    This homemade masks for fase mask promises to nourish the face for a while to polish lovely lines and cut deep.

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    Mask for young face Sour


    2 spoon of sour milk diluted with two milled powdered aspirin or 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon fresh juice.

    Mask for combination skin fresh vegetables

    Dilute the bran with sweet big tomato or cucumber nectar.

    It is possible to also apply a breeding juice of sauerkraut.

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    Cover of skin wrinkles with orange


    Paste of 2-3 cloves of peeled orange

    1 teaspoon mealy

    1 tsp. Of olive oil.

    Blend the cover to about the size of smooth and apply for 15-20 minutes.

    This mask is recommended to wash out off with mineral h2o.

    Purifying Face Cover walnut

    Pretty interesting, though quite zamorochny recipe rejuvenating while cleansing Masks for fase: walnut, starch, protein, honey and lemon. Agree, a nutritionally-cleansing salad face cast is not all in my life ever.

    A cover for the skin

    1 walnut,

    1 tsp. Murphy starch or rice floury

    1 eggs white,

    1 teaspoon of fluent honey,

    0.5 teaspoon of recent grapefruit juice.

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