Cover pale flabby skin


Mask with blue clay add vital face color, tone and polish lovely lines.

Combine until smooth 1 teaspoonful mayonnaise, honey, lemon juice, castor butter, powderise blue clay and cognac.

Heating a mixture in a water bath or in a microwave to a pleasant skin temperature.

Use a soft cover on the skin, neck and decollete, hold for 20-Thirty minutes, then rinse with heartwarming aqua. Rinse with coldness face.

If indispensable, apply a moisturizer.

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Toning Mask for Female Skin


With this mask literally brings a cheekbones: grapefruit, assorted with yoghurt. For any facial skin a vigorous sour much helpful.

A mask

1 tablespoons grapefruit pulp.

1 soup spoon Spoonful three-time yoghurt or recent milk yoghurt.

1 tsp. Of olive butter or grape seed oil.

Production and apply masks

Apply butter to clean, dry skin, give a some soak.

Combine grapefruit yogurt or kefir. If the mixture is too liquid turned out, her sad milled oats, so use the oil on top.

Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with warm h2o.

Course masks

After 3-4 hours in a month.

If a skin is to favor sour, it is possible that it will also like and following face cover. You will should a rye fresh bread, sol and honey milk yoghurt. Such is eventually have sour-sweet-salty facial skin mask. Read more -->

Medium banana Lemon acne


2-3 tablespoon spoon crushed into mush ripe, without brown spots ripe banana

1-2 teaspoon of lemon nectar

1 teaspoonful of deep-fat yoghurt with no additives.

Combine all until smooth. If a cover turned out too fluent thickeners her oatmeal, corn flour or cosmetic clay. Apply to a face for 15-20 minutes, rinse, moisturize the skin.

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Ripe banana Mask for Any Facial skin


Much simple express mask, nourishing the facial skin, tightens pores and eliminates shine. Also has a bleaching capacity.

Blend a paste of 0.5 a ripe medium banana and 0.5 a teaspoonful of recent lemon juice.

Use the mask to clean out damp skin for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with cool aqua and rinse with cold-blooded h2o.

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2 skin lifting facials and masks


Opposition to a universal law of mass - it is a personal duty of every girl! Not even a duty, and a real vendetta. This law is not only the facial skin of a earth pulls, he is also a chest with a booty to a same causes. Butt and chest - it's a little varied story, but with a person urgently wants to do something, these homemade lifting cover, for example, quickly blend and intended use regularly.

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