Watermelon cover of skin wrinkles


A some simple to do, and to apply fresh fruit cover skin wrinkles. One with grapes, the other with a banana, and a third with pomelo.

Grape mask of wrinkles

Grapes are elected on a basis: a sweeter it is, a land should be the skin, and, conversely, a sour grapes, a fatter be a face type.

To prepare a cover of wrinkles, mix 2 spoon tablespoon freshly squeezed grape juice with 2 tablespoons tablespoons of milk or cream.

You can soak a gauze mask and put it on his facial skin.

If you prefer a more "mobile" version of a mask, then use the mix with a cotton swab on the face, neck skin and decollete.

When a mask of skin wrinkles start to dry out slightly, use some layer. Repeat a process 3-4 times.

Rinse with soft water and anti-skin wrinkle, not letting the finish layer to very dry up, and put on a skin cream.

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Broccoli with ripe avocado-skin wrinkle


1 soup spoon Spoonful ripe avocado,

2-3 steamed broccoli florets,

2 tablespoons tablespoon freshly squeezed orange nectar.

Blend in a blender and a mask is used, how in previous cases.

Course of face covers

Create a cover rate 2-3 minutes a week for 7-10 weeks. Then, to maintain a capacity, 1-2 times a week. Masks can be alternated.

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Big banana with natural honey for skin toning


2 bananas,

1 spoon spoonful of liquidity natural honey,

1 tbsp. Tablespoon recent orange or tangerine nectar.

Prepare a mask, put on the skin for 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water and moisturize the skin well with a gel or cream. If the cover is shown to you too thin, thickeners its ground oatmeal or cosmetic clay.

This homemade cover is specifically good for young face.

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