Cover-skin lifting with blackberry


Besides kiwi here for future ambrosia. It is, of course, you can substitute honey, but bee bread, you see, is much more interesting.

The cover for a face

4.3 fruits ripe orange

1 eggs white,

1 teaspoon of pollen (bee fresh bread)

2-3 drops of essential butter of apricot.

Production and treatment of a skin cover

Lightly whisk the protein (if a skin is more dry, it will be correct to take a yolk) and mix it with bee bread.

Leave the mix for 15-20 min to ambrosia swollen.

Strawberry mash with a spoon together with a cow butter and mix with bee fresh bread and protein.

The finished mask put on a clean out face, neck and decollete.

Keep the cover for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with plenty of warm aqua.

Rinse skin prohladnoy. Pri required, apply a fluid.

Course covers

Of the 3-4 days in a 30 days.

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